Welcome To Diligent Micro Controls

Diligent Micro Controls was formed nearly 25 year back to provide customised solutions to specific problems related to control & instrumentation in various industries, to provide indigenous alternative to the imported controllers & systems and offer consultation in the field of instrumentation & controls of process and machines. Diligent Solutions were always designed with end-user in mind and the design was optimized for the cost for our OEMs. This has been the secret of popularity of our products amongst our OEMs and end user. Technology is chosen commensurate with the application and components are chosen which are standard and time proven. Similarly Diligent Designs give full considerations to the operating environment while finalizing design tolerances. This has resulted in continuous long performance of our products in the field. Our units are designed with good maintainability and therefore, end user is saved of replacement in the event of failure. Products are made rugged enough to withstand the normal vagaries of electric supply.